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GalaxyHostPlus is now 2 Years old, Let’s celebrate with special promotion until 30 September.

We started officially on 2nd September 2014 and we want thank you to all our clients who are with us from the start and those who joined us now.

We will run special prizes and events during this month at GalaxyHostPlus.

To find all latest promotions please visit


Our Prizes for this month are the follow.

x1 KVM VPS Plan K1 x1 Year

x2 OpenVZ VPS Plan LC2 x1 Year

x1 Any non Premium Domain Name x1 Year

x1 Hosted Tab for x3 Months

x1 cPanel licence – Life Time Apply’s to GHP Servers only.


Here are dates of the event’s

— First Event

2nd to  4th September

x1 KVM VPS Plan

Completed – Winner > Muhammad Hamza > Facebook


–Second Event

5th to 11th September

x2 OpenVZ VPS Plan LC2

Completed – Winners > @1ConanEdogawa & @1ConanEdogawa > Twitter


–Third Event

12th to 18th September

Any non Premium Domain Name

Completed – Winner > +Lampard > Google+


–Fourth Event

19th to 25th September

Hosted Tab


–Fifth Event

26th to 30th

cPanel licence


All Events will be run on our Social Network Pages!


We wish good luck to all our client’s


Current Winners.


Event 1

Via Google+

Muhammad Hamza



Event 2

Via Twitter






Event 3

Via Google+




Kind Regards



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