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GalaxyHostPlus is now 2 Years old, Let’s celebrate with special promotion until 30 September. We started officially on 2nd September 2014 and we want thank you to all our clients who are with us from the start and those who joined us now. We will run special prizes and events during this month at GalaxyHostPlus. To…

1 Month Free Of KVM Server!


Still not sure about our new KVM Server? How about a month free trial? KVM Servers Guaranty Dedicated Ram Dedicated Storage 99% Uptime (SAS Soon) 1Gbps Network CPU Speed of Intel Xeon E5 E5-1650v3 DDR4 Ram SSD Cache $1 per IPv4 x2 IPs Included Free ISO Support on request Cloud Mode create multi VPS from…

How To Start With OVZ Cloud Plans?

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GalaxyHostPlus had huge update on 1st of August, GHP client’s are asking what’s the difference in OVZ – 2016 – L Plans and new OVZ – 2016 – LC plans.. The big difference in these plans are more CPU Cores + Cloud Module There is reason for x2 Cores instead of x1 Core, due one big…

Server Monitor with HTOP


Hello there, Nice weekend ahead isn’t it, Today’s blog note will be about monitoring your vps, this will help you to know and keep track on what’s consuming and heavily using your resources, like RAM/CPU and etc, By default we have a command to list all processes being run by the system, it can be…

GalaxyHostPlus Year Review Report

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Report of GalaxyHostPlus Year Review. Our Live Support Statistics From  01 January 2015 due 08 December 2015 Parameter Value Total chats 427 Total pending chats 0 Total active chats 0 Total closed chats 423 Chatbox chats 0 Total messages (including visitors, system and operators messages) 10865 Total messages (only visitors) 5191 Total messages (only system…

OpenVPN Ubuntu

Installing OpenVPN on Ubuntu


Hello everyone. Today I will show you how to install OpenVPN on an Ubuntu Server.   First of all You’ll need a fully updated machine. use the following commands apt-get update   For 64 bit servers use the following commands: sudo wget dpkg -i openvpn-as-2.0.7-Ubuntu12.amd_64.deb For 32 bit servers use the following commands :…

GalaxyHostPlus CPU Limit Tutorial

How to limit CPU on VPS


So you installed your VPS all looks good but you have to high CPU with high load 2.0. You have optimize your program but still load is high so what can be done? You can simply limit any process which running or limit it on start. In this Tutorial we will show how to limit…

New SA:MP Banner

SA:MP Update at GalaxyHostPlus

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Probably lots of our clients wonder what’s the new update which is coming in end October is about and what’s new? During the last year providing sa:mp servers we have deal with many DDoS Attacks or clients unhappy with random port. We have taken feedback from our clients to improve our service. So here it is…

Story: My lucky time


Here  is story by speedlimit antontea   did not expect, I get this prize! before, I want to introduce myself, I am an Indonesian, and liked it so much activity especially at a time when people sleep, the nice thing for me was to know many people from tribal culture to the corners of the country!…