Hosted Tab

Hosted Tab

$25 Monthly

Activation time up to 12 Hours!
Game-mp is the exclusive provider of game server listings for SA-MP. These listings appear on the Hosted list, separate from normal public servers. Appearing on a separate list may increase exposure of a server to potential players. Use of this service is optional and not required in order to run an SA-MP server.


*Payments only via PayPal & Bitcoin

Terms Required By Game-MP

All servers listing on this service must also comply with the SA-MP Services Agreement.

The listings provided by this service relate to online video games and are provided for entertainment purposes. While the best effort will be maintained to keep listings online, no reimbursement or compensation is guaranteed in the event of service unavailability.

By using this service, you agree:

a) That you are over the age of 18 years.

b) That servers listed on your listing are owned or leased by you, or you lease the IP address associated with the listing.

c) That your Hosted Tab, and any associated listings, may be suspended for any reason, not limited to the terms and conditions listed here.

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