How To Start With OVZ Cloud Plans?

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GalaxyHostPlus had huge update on 1st of August, GHP client’s are asking what’s the difference in OVZ – 2016 – L Plans and new OVZ – 2016 – LC plans..

The big difference in these plans are more CPU Cores + Cloud Module

There is reason for x2 Cores instead of x1 Core, due one big change cloud module.

So what is cloud module? Cloud Module allows you to fully manage your VPS specs from assigned resources in your plans instead having single VPS you can now create multi VPS and assign specs you want, You can also destroy, create VPS anytime and change resources on the go.  Cloud Module is very user friendly with few button and sliders you can start very quickly.


So we are going to show you how easy is to start with new cloud plans and how easy to manage them.



So First we decide our plan, As example of cloud we will go with plan LC4 to show the main features of Cloud and how it works, Cloud works on all specs however for better example best plan for this tutorial will be LC4 due larger amount of cores.


Our Next step is basic configuration such as hostname and root password, On Cloud plans you can now order additional IPv4 on order form without support ticket required, You may also order more IPv4 anytime from client area. Each IPv4 cost $1.50 + $0.50 One time Setup fee  per IP. For this example we will go with 6 IPv4 for better example of Cloud Module.



So after you continue with checkout and payment you will notice you haven’t got any VPS details, There is reason for this but first go to your services and enter your VPS product, You should see the same screen like on screenshot below you may have different specs depend on plan you selected. So you should find big green button saying Add New Server, So this is how our Cloud Module works you can add VPS Server from your specs decide your location or run multi VPS locations.


So now you can selected your Specs, I plan to create x2 VMs from my resources in Germany and France

For Germany I will go with small spec server just for example how it works, After you decide your specs simply press Add New Virtual Server.


You can now find your VPS in your list and you can manage it like always included SolusVM login

As our example you can see I have used resources from the package and I still have space to create x2 More VMS however as example of CPU cores I will create one VM with x2 core.


After pressing manage button you can find the basic functions for VPS to mange with IPv4 Addresses & IPv6

You can also enable modules such as TUN/TAP see VPS Graphs or Rebuild your VPS, You can also Destroy the VPS anytime if you wish to start with new IPv4 or for some reason VPS is not working, You may also log in to SolusVM Panel and manage your VPS there.


As another example we are creating second large VPS in different location, If GalaxyHostPlus add new location it will be automatic added to your location list. So we are about to use all our resources from this plan.


Now all our resources are used and you can find second VPS on France location in your list.

This is how our cloud function works, Gives more freedom to our clients of VPS usage.


If you want remove one of your VPS simply press delete button (Bin Button) It will remove your VPS within seconds. Don’t worry if you press it accidentally you will have pop up confirmation box before final deletion.


So this is basically how our cloud module works, Very easy and user friendly which can be learned within seconds anyway if you got stuck you can always follow the screenshots or contact our support.

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