How To Install cPanel on GalaxyHostPlus


Lots of clients want to install control panels for webhosting with panel cPanel here we will show how easy it is with GalaxyHostPlus.

So here we going to use VPS Level 2 from GalaxyHostPlus running on Centos 6 x86_64

NOTE: Make sure your hostname with domain you will use for cPanel example mydomain.tld

So here is first setp.

log in to our VPS via SSH

and type

yum update -y

and remove apache

yum remove httpd * -y

And wait for our VPS to finish update

Now we go to VPS Panel at

go to our VPS Then we press on Control Panel


Now We press on cPanel Logo

Now We confirm the installation

and we should get this message


Now we need to wait for installation to complete it could take up to 6 – 7 hours!  you can close VPS Panel by that time and come back in few hours! My time was around 21:37 pm to 03:00 am

To confirm cPanel is installed enter your IP/Domain

Now we can enter to admin panel via https:// ip OR Domain :2083

Username cpanel and vps root password


Now we accept Agreement

Now you can continue your Installation of cPanel


If you have any more questions ask us on forum at


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