Servers Uptime Monitored by UptimeRobot Premium

Monitor Name - Auto Update Every 1 Minute by UptimeRobot APIStatusTotal Uptime (Saturn NS2 Webhosting Nameserver)Online100% (NS1 VPS DNS)Online100% (VPS Node France)Online100% (VPS Node France)Online100% (VPS Panel)Online100% (VPS Node Germany)Online64.17% (VPS Node Germany)Online100% (VPS Node Germany)Online99.97% (VPS Node Germany)Online100% (VPS Node Germany)Online100% (VPS Node Germany)Online100% (VPS Node Germany)Online83.28% (VPS KVM Node Germany)Online99.97% (NS2 VPS DNS)Offline74.38%

Germany Network


DataCenter: NewColo GmbH, Frankfurt am Main Germany

IP-Connectivity: GHOSTnet GmbH, AS12586


UPS and power generator supported power at 230 and 48V

45cm raised floor

500kg/sqm raised floor load

1000kg/sqm floor load


Shot secure windows

Elevator load at 1300kg

Doors protected with keycard system

24/7 access with and without personal check-in

24/7 technical service

Inhouse interconnect service (Fiber, Cat5-7, E1) between customers

Network Uplink: 1Gbps

Anti DDoS: Null Routed + NodeWatch

Network cross-connection

Public peering


Frankfurt: KleyReX (x2 40 G)

Frankfurt: Aixit GmbH (1 G)

Dortmund: antilo AG (100 M)

Leipzig: Aquatix IT-Services e.K. (100 M)

Brussels: BICS (1 G)

Bonn: bn:t Blatzheim Networks Telecom GmbH (1 G)

Muenster: ByteAction GmbH (100 M)

Cardiff: Chattr Ltd (100 M)

Frankfurt: Coast Media GmbH (100 M)

Petersberg: combahton IT Services UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) (10 G)

Duesseldorf: comtrance GmbH (100 M)

Wien: detebe (100 M)

Schwielowsee: Droptop Media Consulting UG (1 G)

Hillingdon: Ecom International Network (1 G)

Siegen: equada network GmbH (100 M)

Frankfurt: feroNet IT Services (1 G)

Schopfheim: FMSID.DE (1 G)

Berkshire: Forcepoint (1 G)

Frankfurt: Funke Internet Services (100 M)

Karlsruhe: Gameforge Productions GmbH (1 G)

Gemuenden: GoldLabs (1 G)

Mauern: HOFMANN21 (100 M)

Hanau: hostcamp IT-Solutions (100 M)

Klagenfurt: i3b gmbh (1 G)

Frankfurt: IAG Peering GbR (10 G)

Karlsruhe: Inline Internet Online Dienste GmbH (1 G)

Frankfurt: intercolo (10 G)

Frankfurt: INTERNIC (100 M)

Leonberg: interscholz Internet Services GmbH & Co. KG (1 G)

Hamburg: ip69 internet solutions AG (100 M)

Hamburg: IPHH Internet Port Hamburg GmbH (100 M)

Hamburg: ISP Solution UG (100 M)

Hermsdorf: ISPpro Internet KG (1 G)

Ljubljana: Jan Prunk K.D. (100 M)

Koblenz: KEVAG Telekom GmbH (10 G)

Radevormwald: Marvin Huebel (1 G)

Frankfurt: meerfarbig GmbH & Co. KG (10 G)

Minden: MK Netzdienste GmbH & Co. (1 G)

Fulda: NETHINKS GmbH, Fulda (100 M)

Kirchheim: Nonattached Network (100 M)

Rossdorf: OM3 Project Ltd. (x3 100 M)

Duesseldorf: OpenCarrier eG (100 M)

Bremerhaven: (1 G)

Adliswil: Patrick Velder (1 G)

Erligheim: PLANinterNET GmbH (100 M)

Merzig: Probe Networks (x2 1 G)

Gelnhausen: QualityHosting AG (100 M)

Frankfurt: rackplace (100 M)

Linden: RDNS Networks (100 M)

Linden: Rostelecom (1 G)

Aalen: AG (1 G)

Zuerich: SnapServ Ltd (1 G)

Dueren: SOCO Network Solutions GmbH (1 G)

Frankfurt: SOLVIANS IT-Solutions GmbH (1 G)

Neuss: SpeedPartner GmbH (100 M)

Frankfurt: Star-Hosting e.K. (100 M)

Kelkheim: Sven Wefels – Netzwerk 68a (100 M)

Wuppertal: TAL.DE (100 M)

Friedrichshafen: TeleData GmbH (100 M)

Nuernberg: TerraTransit AG (1 G)

Rodgau: thinxx GmbH (10 G)

Hofheim: Titan Networks GmbH (1 G)

Kiel: TNG Stadtnetz GmbH (1 G)

Unterschleissheim: Trusted Network GmbH (100 M)

Augustfehn: WebJanssen ISP ltd @ Co KG (100 M)

Hamburg: Weesly Webhosting / Webdesign (10 G)

Russian Federation

Moscow: Anders Telecom (100 M)

Saint-Petersburg: LINKEY (1 G)

Moscow: Rostelecom (1 G)

North America

San Francisco: CloudFlare (10 G)

Fremont: Hurricane Electric (10 G)

Sub-total 203 Gbps

Private peering (PNI)


Frankfurt: Accelerated Datacenter (40 G)

Frankfurt: Aixit Frankfurt (40 G)

Frankfurt: Equinix Frankfurt City (FR1) (40 G)

Frankfurt: Equinix Frankfurt Gutleutstrasse (FR7) (formerly FRA1) (40 G)

Frankfurt: Equinix Frankfurt KleyerStrasse (FR5) (40 G)

Frankfurt: Equinix Frankurt North (FR2) (40 G)

Frankfurt: INTERNIC Frankfurt (40 G)

Frankfurt: ITENOS Frankfurt (40 G)

Frankfurt: Interwerk (40 G)

Frankfurt: Interxion Frankfurt 1 (40 G)

Frankfurt: Interxion Frankfurt 2 (40 G)

Frankfurt: Interxion Frankfurt 3 (40 G)

Frankfurt: Interxion Frankfurt 4 (40 G)

Frankfurt: Interxion Frankfurt 5 (40 G)

Frankfurt: Interxion Frankfurt 6 (40 G)

Frankfurt: Interxion Frankfurt 7 (40 G)

Frankfurt: Interxion Frankfurt 8 (40 G)

Frankfurt: NewColo Frankfurt (40 G)

Frankfurt: NewTelco Frankfurt (40 G)

Frankfurt: TelecityGroup Frankfurt (Lyoner Strasse) (40 G)

Frankfurt: Telehouse Frankfurt (40 G)

Frankfurt: aixit Offenbach (40 G)

Sub-total 880 Gbps

Total: 1083 Gbps

France Network

DataCenter: OVH RBX 

IP-Connectivity: OVH SAS, AS16276


OVH data centers are strictly for our own usage – servers can only be physically accessed by authorized employees

Access restricted by security badge control system, video surveillance and security personnel 24/7 on-site

Rooms fitted with smoke detection systems

Systematic double power supply

250 kVA per UPS device

Generators with an initial autonomy of 48 hrs

Minimum of 2 network connections to and within the data center, 2 network rooms capable of taking over from one another

Network Uplink: 1 Gbps Premium Network

Anti DDoS: Anti-DDoS Pro

2000 Gbps Network capacity

Three 160 Gbps anti-DDoS infrastructures mitigating up to 480 Gbps

Multi-point Mitigation: Central Europe (SBG) Western Europe (RBX) North America (BHS)

Over 3 Tbps across the globe

Network cross-connection

Public peering


Paris: France-IX, Equinix Paris, SFINX (50 G)

London: LINX (100 G)

Amsterdam: AMSIX (160 G)

Warsaw: TPIX, PLIX (100 G)

Frankfurt: DECIX (120 G)

Prague: NIX (10 G)

Vienna: VIX (10 G)

Zurich: TIX (10 G)

Milan: MIX (20 G)

Madrid: EspanIX (20 G)

Brussels: BNIX (40 G)

North America

Toronto: TORIX (20 G)

Palo Alto: Equinix Palo Alto (20 G)

Los Angeles: ANY2 (20 G)

Ashburn: Equinix Ashburn (10 G)

Miami: NOTA (40 G)

Chicago: Equinix Chicago (20 G)

Dallas: Equinix Dallas (10 G)

San Jose: Equinix San Jose (20 G)

New York: NYIIX, Equinix New York (30 G)

Atlanta: TIE (10 GB)

Seattle: SIX (10 G)

Sub-total 850 Gbps

Private peering (PNI)


London: British Telecom (20 G); Reliance (10 G)

Sub-total 390 Gbps

Transit Tier-1


Cogent (140 G) – 2 (60G)

Sub-total 60 Gbps

Total: 1300 Gbps