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SA:MP Update at GalaxyHostPlus

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Probably lots of our clients wonder what’s the new update which is coming in end October is about and what’s new?

New SA:MP Banner

During the last year providing sa:mp servers we have deal with many DDoS Attacks or clients unhappy with random port.

We have taken feedback from our clients to improve our service. So here it is we are now working on fully DDoS protected servers with dedicated IP with port 7777 all current clients will be moved as fast when new node is delivered and ready!

Here are our new specs:

  • Ram: 32 GB of RAM
  • CPU: Intel  i7-4790K 4/8t 4,0 / 4,4 GHz
  • Storage: 2 x240GB of SSD RAID 1
  • Game DDoS Protected
  • New ISP Network

We are moving to new DataCenter in France from Iliad Paris to France Roubaix with new network peering for better ping worldwide.

Due bigger cost of SA:MP servers new slots price will increase to $0.10 /Slot all current client who have active SA:MP server will remain slot price.

During migration to new node all current clients will receive ticket with new server details old server will be terminated during end of month when old Node will be Terminated by old DataCenter. All hosted tab clients should be moved automatically by migrate.


If you have any questions regarding the migration please comment below or contact us via ticket or simply email


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