Share and Tweet and get Free Credit 1$


GalaxyHostPlus Give away 1$ for every account who tweet and share on their Facebook and Twitter account!

Here are simple rules and info which need to be follow to reactive free credit!


Here are some rules and info about it.

  • Facebook and Twitter Accounts must be older then 6 Months
  • You need to purchase any product first at GalaxyHostPlus
  • After Complete  it please open ticket with your Facebook profile and twitter url of profile.
  • 1$ will be added in next 48H or longer depend on the demand of requests at that time.
  • This credit can not be refunded plus if you cancel your services credit will be removed from your account!
  • You need to use button which are found on Main Website


*Note ticket is required to receive your free credit we won’t accept it via email or live support or forums.




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