Story: My lucky time


Here  is story by speedlimit antontea


did not expect, I get this prize!
before, I want to introduce myself, I am an Indonesian, and liked it so much activity especially at a time when people sleep, the nice thing for me was to know many people from tribal culture to the corners of the country! even with little knowledge of the language.
but at least fun, can give hello to them!
application that I often use just a little bit, facebook, twitter, online, whatsapp etc (private mode).
She found it fun to get a reply that I won 2 door prize at a time, until I was late to bed! lol, so surprized me too! so the story goes on last night after I spent a lot of time online, I just want to play music from my phone !, but I get a reply notification from google + and twitter.
sounded very nice and ultimately make drowsiness is gone!
and began to respond, can not say much, I found info about this event from because I am also one of the members there, though not so interactive!
I am also someone who is studying about the website, and web design, is still in the learning stage, through google of course, so it seems fitting to get something in place for me to learn. and now I am so eager to try a premium webhosting under the auspices GalaxyHostPlus
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